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Not charge data on MMS.

While it states that its unlimited messaging, to send a MMS it still requires data. Taking away from the "unlimited" MMS. It will charge $7.50 to use pay per use data which in my opinion is away to add a surprise charge. How about we change that to have the freedom to send pictures and videos freely.

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I'm not sure why the confusion persist to exist, but it does. I can send as many pictures as I want and I never got charged for them. I have unlimited messaging in my plan.Yes, in order to send a picture you have to have data turned on your phone, but the only time, in my experience, you would incur charges if apps are running in the background chewing up data. As far as sending videos, it will never happen. 🙂 Otherwise I could send movies etc. to anyone and we know videos due use lots of bandwidth.