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Not able to purchase phone

Hi, I went to Koodo on april 5 and I asked to buy a blackberry curve 9360. They had only 1 left in store, but they could not sell it to me since it was not in the inventory (computer). It's still been 5 days and it's not yet on the inventory...Why does it take so much time and why do they have the phone in their hand but can't sell it to me?

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It's a huge liability to let any device leave a store without being activated/processed in their inventory system. It's either some sort of receiving error or perhaps because the phone has been discontinued for so long it no longer gets "triggered", so to speak, in Koodo's system. They should have called their channel support to figure out what was wrong instead of just sending you away so quickly. Can you go back or call them to try again? It may go beyond store level.
I went 3 times, last time is today. The guy just told me to go check in another store if I could find it somewhere else. He didn't try anything to make it active in the inventory.
However, the first time I went (april 5), I speaked with a different person and she sent a mail to get it on the inventory... She made me wait 1h at the store for nothing.
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This happens when they did not do their inventory count correct and may have missed the phone. Your best bet is to request a $25 coupon for this error and for keeping you so long for nothing. It seems like that store does not have a high customer service standard that Koodo would expect of them considering of your repeat visits.
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Hi there, where is this store located?