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No unlimited BBM for blackberry 10 devices?

Since Blackberry 10 devices have been released, there isn't unlimited BBM add on anymore?

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No, because the new blackberries have their data working exactly like android and iphone. On previous blackberries, this was possible because of how RIM had set up the data through their network. On the new one, the data services are much more open and thus it's not as easy to dictate what data can and can't be access. This was done through the blackberry apn via the old blackberries.
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Correct Doc. Koodo reps will tell you that Koodo is classifying BB Z10 as Koodo Phone and not within BB groupe anymore, (old BB) that need APN, it does not need any Data add-ons, it can work with any Data Plan/addon, or Pay per use Data Saver.
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Keep in mind though Kevin that BBM messages (not counting Pics/Videos) will us kbs of data and in the end wont impact your data bucket all that much. It's still basically unlimited in that regard 🙂