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Hello, Whenever I make a call I get a message popping up saying "No Service Currently Available". I am getting messages on fb from friends saying they are texting me, and calling me and get though. I cant make outgoing calls or texts. I dont need any updates (I checked). My bars arent down, I get 2-5 bars. My bills are up to date as well. Anyone know whats going on? Thanks!

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What kind of phone do you have?
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If only outbound services aren't working and your bills are really up-to-date than a simple refresh of your connection should fix the issue. Try turning on airplane mode for ten seconds then turn it off. If it's still not working, remove the battery (if possible) and the SIM for ten seconds and put it back in.
Ha I actually decided to try the old, take the battery out and restart it and it works now. Kinda weird that happened though. Thanks Anyway.