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no fee for transfering ownership

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They should waive the amount for transfering ownership. Because rogers dont have a fee for transfering the account to another person. Just saying

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Bell charges $20 (I set it up for a customer 2 years ago) and Telus charges $25 or $35 (yikes), but I can't speak for anyone else. I don't really know why there's a fee. It would be great if a Koodo employee could explain it.
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I agree they should get rid of this fee. They don't have fees for other things that other carriers still charge for, so why this? It likely take all of 10 seconds to complete the transfer of ownership, which to me, does not warrant a large fee. I don't know this for certain, granted, but I can't imagine it's a difficult process with computers and all.
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I'm throwing a wild guess here, but I think it's because they want (new) customers to switch to in-market plans. Suppose you have the old Super Canada-wide 6GB plan (which was awesome!)... and you feel like getting rid of it. Now, Koodo would probably MUCH rather you cancel your line and someone else joins as a new customer than you transferring ownership of that awesome plan to somebody else, IMHO. Having this (admitedly stupid from a customer's perspective) fee will make some reconsider if they don't think things through. But I'm stretching things here, and it's only my opinion. Maybe the reason is something else entirely.
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I don't think it's automated, plus the person want to get the account has to go through a credit check, just like a new activation