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no data services available

i cant get access to data services on my blackberry even though my plan has a data package??

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Do you have/did you make sure to choose the BlackBerry version of your plan? You must do so in order for data on a BlackBerry to work. If you have the BB version, you should see a "(BB)" beside your plan name. Also, make sure data is enabled. Settings -> mobile network -> data services -> on
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To add to what Ahmad suggested, verify that APN is enabled and set to "bb.koodo.com" in Options>Device.Advanced system settings>TCP/IP Verify that handset is set to 3 G
If after doing the checks listed above it still not woking, you have to register you BB on Rim.Here is the path [b]Options>Device>Advanced system settings>host routing table Once in, press the menu button (the one with the BB logo) and select register now.You will get a popup on the screen saying that the registration message has been sent.The only thing you have to do after is a battery pull out for 1 minute then put it back in and power up your phone