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New Z10 no 10.3 software

I had an old Z10 and recently downloaded the 10.3 software but my phone crapped out. I now have a new Z10 but can't get the 10.3 software. I go to settings, software search and it says my software is current.

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A bug was discovered in the 10.3 software that had a negative impact on the Z10 and the update was halted. http://newsmaine.net/22667-blackberry...
So would that be why my old phone fried? It got the "Blue Screen of Death" about a week or two after 10.3 update.
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I can't answer that, only BB would be able to say for sure what caused the demise of your device.
Any idea if there working on fixing the bug?
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Dale wrote:

Any idea if there working on fixing the bug?

It's in Bb's hands so idk
New update is coming out today. If you phone isn't loading, try connecting it to BB Link and updating it.
Got the update a few weeks ago, no problems so far. Too bad I lost my other z10 tho