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new sim card when switching to new phone? (blackberry to android)

so I want to order an android to replace my tired blackberry.. do i need the new sim card that is in my cart or am i able to use the one i already have? hopefully this isnt a stupid question but if anyone can help me out that'd be awesome. thanks

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This depends on what phone you buy. If your new phone uses the same size card you can just swap. If not then you'll need a new sim, I believe if you buy a new phone from koodo it will include the appropriate sim card, switching service to it us super easy on self serve. And free
You cannot simply swap sim card as such in your phone unless it is unlocked to the carrier..If not get it unlocked initially from any vendors online like http://www.onlinegsmunlock.com/blackberry/rs16wp8 then you should also consider it size.. if it is same size sim card then you can swap it with no issue..If it accepts micro sim,you have to get your sim cut to micro..