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New Phone introduction videos

  • 28 September 2014
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Some of us are very knowledgable about mobile phones, while others are not. It would be nice if Koodo could have a link on each phone's product page to a YouTube video (embedded maybe) going over the basics, especially as they relate to Koodo. Eg. How to reset your phone, how to replace your SIM if needed, checking your voice mail from a landline, etc. There could even be some videos for phones not carried by Koodo (separate list of course). Eg. A walk through on how to properly set your APN or go through the unlocking process for bringing specific phones to Koodo. Videos could be uploaded by community users, and approved by employees or mobile masters before a link is added to a phone's page. For models that are likely to be very popular, Koodo may want to make their own videos, possibly using a Koodo mascot 🙂. ( I like the idea of a cartoon wrestler and an iPhone, but there may be trademark issues from Apple with the results 🙂. ). This way Koodo and community members could welcome people to their new phone and help them get started (especially for people who may be more concerned than excited about having a new phone). To make it easier to find these videos, a QR sticker could be put on a phone box, or printed on a business card, and given to customers at kiosks to help make reaching the welcome video quick and easy. Using YouTube means there would be no need to set up a Koodo video server. Of course Koodo would need to publish some guidelines on what makes a good video (be friendly, talk clearly, make sure you cover these main points, etc.). What do you think?

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