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Network mep code for blackberry bold

Hi All, my brother just came back from Canada, He's been using a Blackberry Bold and now he is back in Malaysia , he decided to give the Handset to my dad , unfortunately , its been asking for "network MEP code" in order for him to use the handset. Can anyone help? Many thanks.

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You'll need to know what carrier your brother had before he gave it to you. Since most carriers require you be their customer in order to give you an unlock code, your best bet is to check out eBay or gsmliberty.com to find/ purchase the correct mep code. I also suggest you view a video or two on youtube about unlocking your specific model of BlackBerry since it's a bit tricky to enter the required information into the phone. Good luck.
You can get Network MEP code from the provider http://www.unbblock.com/blackberry-bold/rs18wp9/ to unlock your Blackberry bold from carrier /network lock .