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Native BlackBerry 10 self serve app and feature request.

  • 2 June 2013
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So i just upgraded to the new BlackBerry 10 selfserve app only to find it's an android port over (which is fine). To a newbie it will not be readily apparent how to go back to the previous screen. It has been mentioned before that the app is lacking a back button and I have to agree. Now my idea: build a native selfserve app. One that, when minimized to an active frame ,displays critical information refreshed at a customisable interval (30,60,90 minutes). For instance it could show data, text, and minute use in a few bar graphs. Thank you.

1 reply

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+1 Made a thread about this very topic a few weeks ago as well. It's cool BB10 includes an android runtime, this is a great way for devs to get an app out quickly while a native app is still being developed. Certain ports can even be 're-skinned' to have the appearance and function of a 'native' application. But, the Koodo app is a straight port, and I find this a little bothering. Being a retailer of BB10, I'd personally expect Koodo to be at least somewhat committed to the platform, the same as they are are with other platforms that have a self serve app. Android users get an application that's designed specifically for their OS, iPhone users get an app that's designed specifically for their OS, yet Blackberry users get an app that's designed for Android. Come on Koodo, give us a native app written with cascades, we don't want Androids leftovers. PS: Rogers and Bell have native self serve apps, since launch as well. I'd imagine Virgin as well. Not sure about Telus.