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my own unit

if i got a blackberry and can be unlocked can I use it with wind or buy another unit and hook up on no tab for credit checks since not approved for tab 09 03 14

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If koodo denied you for a tab did they approve you for your own service? If they denied everything then your only option is postpaid.
chad it sick they said once the old account is paid in full they will let me back my old account was not on tab I paid 50 some what a month had my own unit. also I called the collections to make sure they got the $ and was reported as well to koodo .
I never asked them if i can get activated on my own unit and go from there.
I been with Wind since April 2014 cause Rogers denied me Telus did and Fido they only asked for 100.00 deposit I get back this OCT 2014 but how does this establish credit ? or going with MDG direct? I was told I can go with them to work my credit up as well. Dell denied me.