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My idea which happens to be the best

Koodo should make a deal with all the airlines to give their loyal customers free wifi on flights.  If you are with koodo then you do not have to pay for wifi while flying with, for example American Airlines (who charges for their wifi).  This will rake in some serious business for koodo and makes people who fly planes in North American very happy.  Koodo could make deals with clothing lines so that koodo customers get an extra points added to their tab like credit cards...for example Koodo and Armani.  I buy an armani shirt, show my phone and that I am with koodo (and for how long since people might switch over just to get discounts) and when i buy my shirt I get points added to my tab so I can upgrade to the Iphone 10 or something.  Everybody wins.  Returns will lose their credit.

Koodo can also make games for phones that instead of paying just to upgrade things in the game to buy new items, equipment etc...that same money can be used to donate to creating bigger, better cell phone towers and fiber optic cables across the country.  All the video game enthusiasts will fork over big $$$ to see it happen as a lot of people envy those people in Kansas who already have it.  At least by doing things like this we're making a concerted effort.  It's a lot simpler than trying to educate people about bonds, stocks and what not.

Another idea is that by owning a lot of shares in koodo's company, your monthly phone bill gets decreased in proportion...example someone owns %50,000.00 in koodo shares so they get 5 dollars knocked off their phone bill. They own $100,000.00? Knock off 10 dollars and so on.

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