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My expensive Z10 brick

This is an update in my Z10 saga...(not turning on after latest update) Spoke to Koodo rep in Mumbai, went thru the troubleshooting thing with no success. Then, she wanted me to buy a new phone. I told her this wasn't going to happen, and that I wanted a phone that would last more than four months past the warranty. I reactivated an older Bold 9900 and am using that until I can get this issue resolved. Am still trying to talk to someone at BB who cares, but will keep after them since I'm finding out that it seems to be BB's fault in these phones frying.

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Have you seen if device can be recognized and reloaded in Blackberry link on the PC?
Thanks for the reply, I've done that and some other things. (taking out the battery and sim card using bb update by itself on a website, with battery, and with sim.... bb link, etc etc... nothing seems to jar this thing into working. At koodo, they tried a number of things including a new battery to no avail. I'm hoping that this problem will embarrass bb into doing something, but I'm not holding my breath. I hear that bb is working on a solution and that seems to indicate that there is a major problem, but again, nothing on their website to indicate that this problem exists. I can understand that Koodo only sold me a phone and bb provided the warranty, so I'm not directing my frustration at Koodo. I am however, extremely frustrated and angry with bb for not providing a support number and I have no way to contact them to let them know what they can do with this phone. I am still working on that. I am in Waterloo next week and may stop in to say hello. Wonder what they'd do if I publicly stomped on my phone in their foyer? (I know, probably nothing....lol) In the meantime, any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.