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my bell phone just died....

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and i still have two more months to pay Sept and October before i switch to Koodo,should i pay Sept bill and move to Koodo a month earlier than planned,i'm in the final weeks of a Three Year contract

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i posted this on my tablet....in case anyone was wondering....
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I vote yes. Just go to a koodo kiosk and they can port your number over from Bell to Koodo. Note that your Bell number must remain active for Koodo to port you over, so dont cancel your Bell account. Koodo will cancel your account for you when they port your number over. You should also call Bell to find out what the cancellation fee would be (but do not cancel it as per my note above)
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my phone is a Samsung GT-I9000m if it helps anyone figure out what my cost would be... http://support.bell.ca/Mobility/What_is_a_service_or_data_service_agreement_price_adjustment