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More phone

I thinks these s not enough phone available at Koodo comparing with others carrier.

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3 out 4 of my last phones I didn't buy from cellphone companies. I really couldn't care less what they carry. If they carry a phone I like I buy it, but certainly won't worry if they don't. More and more people will start to do the same. And some companies actually reward customers like me by giving a discount on plans if I bring my own phone. Koodo should do it too.
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We will definetly have more phones JR, it's just the nature of the business 🙂 I know that you're anxious for us to add more of a selection to what we already have but don't overlook what we've done so far! The S III is an excellent phone. If you're not into spending that much go for the S II x or the Samsung Galaxy Ace II x. If they don't tickle your fancy bring any unlocked and compatible phone to our network. You'll have complete control over the phone you'd be using and the added benefit of our competitive plans and an extremely impressive network. Visit our website for more details: http://koo.do/JKw568.