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more blackberries?

  • 13 December 2012
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how often does koodo add new phones? I really want a Blackberry Torch or Bold 9900, will they ever be available?

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2 replies

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Keep an eye on Koodo's Facebook page for this type of announcement. Don't hold your breath though as BB OS10 is due out in Q1 2013. Another option if you really want that particular model is you can bring an unlocked one to Koodo's network.
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Koodo doesn't comment on what phones they will carry due to competitive reasons. Check out Koodo Facebook Page which is where they make announcements. Don't be quick to buy a BlackBerry yet, wait till BB10 gets released on January 30th. BB10 is going to be a huge jump for BlackBerry that I believe will put them back on the map and ahead of others just behind Android. - KID ANDROID, ( Team.Android.Canada)