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Monthly phone promotions on Tab Medium

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With the subsidies that Koodo has been providing on the iPhones recently, it only makes sense to sign up for the Tab Medium as you can get a bonus amount off and get a cheaper plan with it. It's obvious that the Tab Medium is the most popular choice when it comes to the three tabs available. So why not have a monthly feature available for certain phones to get an additional amount off ($50-$100 extra). This allows customers (new and existing) to keep their plan as long as it's over $30/month instead of having to jump to a plan that doesn't offer what the customers needs are. Koodo would see more and more people be likely to switch to them because they'd no longer be forced to choose a higher plan that isn't entirely necessary to begin with, and they get the phone they want at a decent price as well. Just my two ¢ 🙂

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I know this is my own idea, but I'd like to see Koodo implement something like this in the future because people would be more likely to switch from their current provider and come to Koodo and pay less for more. That's how you get back on top Koodo! Do something different from all the others! 🙂