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Money Back Guarantee

  • 30 November 2013
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Upon returning the phone as MBG either because I didn't like the phone or just wanted to upgrade to a different one; Is that phone going under inspection? Or is the representative at the store the only one that'd inspect the phone to find any physical damage? My best friend just purchased a "Brand new out of the box Samsung Galaxy S3". She just got into the car and found out there was an small crack on the screen. Really tiny which was not really detected when she was inside the store. We were able to see the crack thanks to the sun light. The store had closed by the time we were back. Two days after, the crack was visible now. My concern is that MBG will satisfy others, but what's the "Guarantee" of a new buyer? When you buy a new phone you expect it to be "Brand new" "Never used before" or name it how you like it.

6 replies

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If the phone has any physical damage after it leaves the store, it does not fall under the MBG guarantee. Beyond that, the customer can return the phone up to 15 days from the day of purchase. The reason can be for anything.
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You have nothing to loose by going back and trying to explain the situation. See what happens.
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Sending it to repair. Paying full repair cost.
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Sending it to repair. Paying full repair cost. Now what is that as a full sentence? Because I cannot make sense of what you typed.
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Sending it to repair. Paying full repair cost. I believe it says that the OP is sending the phone out for repair and is having to pay the full repair cost.
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Well, brand new phones are sealed in their box, so if the seal was broken, then the phone wasn't brand new, simple as that. If the kiosk tried to pass used for new, then that's a whole different thing. That's why I always tell reps to not bother and simply give me the phone and the SIM.