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Modular Plan

How great would it be if Koodo would offer a completely modular plan, which would allow customers to select and pay for the features that they need and not the ones they don't, while keeping the Canada wide no roaming fees that we all know and love.

The plan could start of at a set price, (ex:20$) with minutes and data able to be selected along with the usual add ons. The plan could remain competitive with the regular Koodo plans by either abiding to a different tab structure, or not being eligible to special prices on phones (such as the 50$ the Nexus 5 with medium tab sale on right now)

Examples of the modules that one could get:

-Pay as you go
- 50

- 100 mb
- 300 mb
- 500 mb
- 700 mb
- 1 gb
- 1.5 gb
- 2 gb
- 3 gb
- 5 gb
- 8 gb

With this plan, customers could tailor a plan regardless of budget to their needs.

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