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The mobile app would allow customers to turn off data from their phone at the press of a button, see their exact data usage for the month and be able to purchase more data to avoid going over the limit and being charged. The app would have their tab displayed and the option to pay some of it off if wanted. It would have rates for roaming and the ability to purchase travel plans from the app and activate it when they start travelling. It can include a section for upgrades if it is possible with their contract, or just be able to view new phones and plans, and with that, be able to order their new phones and have a customer service button in-app to call if they need to swap their numbers to the new phone. It includes a lot of site material but at the convenience and ease of use of an app. New koodo phones can even come with the app preloaded and if they are buying the phone in store, the employee getting the set up can demo the app for them to ensure usage continues with customers old and new. I believe this is a good idea as someone who has accrued roaming charges and went over the data limit accidentally multiple times, and being able to shop for new phones in the app wouldn't hurt sales due to its ease of access.

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