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I would love the opportunity to set up MEMORY BANK events, birthdays, events, anniversaries big games, special appointments Holidays etc..... and have my phone auto send the text messages to selected people that I have set up annually. More often then not I am the recipient of you missed my birthday, or my appointment went well thanks.....instead of it was good we won 6-3 thank you so much for asking! General greetings can be typed in your original set up and then you can select auto text message, reminder and frequency. Not every event is worthy of auto send, but it would be nice to have this feature available. I believe this is the BEST idea for your contest, because what it more important then loved ones in all of our lives...and if you have the ability to improve that quality.... well then that would define you as the best service provider who puts members and loved ones first.... pretty catchy and highly marketable angle.

Either way I have loved your service from the day we started, I came to you after over 15 years with Bell and your service was a breath of fresh air by comparison!

Job well done.

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