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making the most out of search on BlackBerry z10 / q10

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How to setup default search engine on BlackBerry 10 device Koodo Blackberry Help (Z10 / Q10) Making search more useful. So you've got that beautiful magnifying glass to search from at the bottom of your Z10. You tap it and type “Chupacabra” and press search and your Z10 starts looking for it in it's HELP system! You don't need to know how to use Blackberry Chupacabra (though that would be awesome) you need information about Chupacabra. So you think to yourself “Why is help the default when I press search”. Then you think to yourself “Mmmmm Goat Tacos”. Then you think to yourself” Well, I could tap one of those search options under extended but I really want to just search Google right after I type in Chupacabra and tap “GO”” Here's how to set it up that way (Google, Bing or Yahoo. Not the tacos) First we'll go to our Blackberry 10 Home Screen and drag down from the top so We expose our options Tap Settings, Search, then tap EXTENDED Put a check mark next to the search items you use most. For me it's Google, Bing, Maps, and BB World Next notice the three bars on the right of your options. Long-press on that and drag your favourite search engine to the top of the list. I like Google. So that’s on top. When you've got everything the way you want it. Hit the back button. Now go back to your home-screen and tap that magnifying glass search Chupacabra and just hit “GO” Goes right to Your first option which should be a search engine! You’re welcome. When we meet you can buy me a Taco.

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Thanks for this tip and the morning laugh. I had disabled Help, as it was annoying, but I didn't realize the order could be changed. Like you, I expected an Internet search to be the default for non local content, not Help!
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Helpful info, thanks! Won't be searching Chupacabra's though, being vegetarian and all, but very useful anyway. ...you can search other things, right?