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I have a very old blackberry phone. (due to the fact that my galaxy somehow stopped working) . Ever since then, I have not been able to send or recieve any picture messages, and am most positive it isnt the phone because the person I bought it off of had picture messaging. So is there a issue with Blackberrys? Not sure but hoping that this could be fixed!!

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Do you have any type of data plan or BB add-on? You need a data connection to be able to send/receive picture messages and with BlackBerries you must be subscribed to some type of data plan in order to have an "active" data connection. If you don't want to pay for data, add the $0 "Data Saver Blackberry Access" add-on through self-serve and it will allow you to access data and to send/receive picture messages. Be careful because once you add it, you will start being able to use data and incur data charges.