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Lost phone Tracking

  • 21 October 2014
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I always feel like so many people lose their phones and phone companies never really have the option of being able to kind of lightly track the general location of the phone. I understand it might be a manufacturing issue or simply not a function of the phones, but I felt like a phone company that could offer that, might be able to be a lot more about their customers. Koodo has a track record of being all about the customer with the implementation of the tab and changing how people these days purchase their phones from company to company. The objective would be to give the peace of mind to phone owners who vitally need their phones for business or personal need and do not have the luxury to replace their phones and start from relatively scratch. With Google play and the Android phones it is much easier to transfer a person's files towards a new phone by simply registering but that process can only be done if the person losing their phone as enough money to either repair or replace the phone. If tracking a phone is simply too costly or too much of a change over, I would at least suggest more protection for customers with that issue. It is an inconvenience to lose or damage your phone and to have to pay for a loner phone or a brand new phone. If it were possible to alleviate the costs of loner phones in cases of damage/awaiting repairs that would to me, continue the long standing history Koodo as with giving their customers the best service.

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