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Lost phone

I have a lost phone

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Sorry to learn that you lost your handset, go to your Self Serve and supend it to avoid someone to use it at your expense, or call 1-866-995-6636 X5 to letKoodo suspend it.
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Hi there... If you found a phone, you can check the call log to see recent dialed numbers if you want to reach the owner... If what you mean is that you lost your phone, then do what MAT said to play safe...
I lost my phone as well and we called the koodo self serve because i was just gonna cancel my plan but instead they suspended my service and have given me a credit to help me buy i new one! so opefully if you call them they'll do the same for you
i m confused here ! Did you lost your phone or did you find a lost phone ?
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Get it solved ! wrote:

i m confused here ! Did you lost your phone or did you find a lost phone ?

I'm confused to! The question was "I have a lost phone", I understood she lost phone, if she found phone she should try return it to nearest Koodo store.
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If it is the latter and you FOUND a lost phone, give Koodo a call and an agent should be able to attempt to contact the owner of the phone to let them know the situation. If you have a contact number that you wouldn't mind giving to the owner of the phone, do so. The agent can relay that info. That way you can talk to them directly and give the phone back.