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Lost 35minutes after number change. Walking on eggshells

Hey all, I have an older plan and I am constantly worried about losing my current setup. If i ever changed anything on my plan, or when I have to do anything with customer service I always lose something or have to deal with getting it back. Anyways, I simply changed my phone number which I have been hesitant to do for 2 years so I have been paying LD charges the whole time, and I have lost 35minutes talk time. before phone number change 150min, after 115min. Geez is anyone else with old plans seriously feel like were walking on eggshells?

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The reason you lost 35 minutes, is because when you do a phone number change, your minutes are prorated. FOR EXAMPLE (REMEMBER THIS IS AN EXAMPLE, NOT SPECIFIC TO YOU. SO PLEASE DONT COMMENT SAYING 'that doesn't apply to me' or 'thats not how many mins i have'): - New plan has 100mins total - You changed your plan 15 days into your billing cycle, thus leaving 15 days left (half) Therefore, you have half the minutes to use for the rest of your billing cycle (50mins). Once your billing cycle resets, you'll have your full minutes again. If you changed your plan 2/3 the way through, you'd only have 33 minutes. And so on and so forth.
Hey there. So what you are saying is after my next bill I would see the original 150 minutes available when I look online. If thats the case then that is great. Thanks for the reply!
and this is because the minutes used before number changed arent shown on selfserve, so its taken off the amount available. Is that correct? makes sense.