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Long Distance Charges

I don't understand how long distance charges work on a cell phone. Can someone please explain them to me? I get charged only sometimes for long distance and I am not sure why. I would like to avoid these charges if possible, but need to understand them to avoid them! 🙂

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First off, where are you trying to call long distance to? And are you on a Canada Wide Plan? If you are on a Canada wide plan and you are calling Canada then there should not be any long distance charges as long as you are in Canada. Just think of Canada as one big local calling area. However it will still deduct from your anytime minutes unless you have unlimited Voice or you make the call during your unlimited evenings & weekends. All calls to another country will be charged long distance. Again it will also take away from your anytime minutes unless you have unlimited Voice or you make the call during your unlimited evenings & weekends. If you are outside the country then you will be paying roaming fees If you do not have a Canada wide plan then it gets a little more tricky. But I'll explain that depending on your plan
Assuming you live in Ottawa (like me) and are not on one of the canadawide plans Calling from Ottawa: Call to local ottawa/gatineau numbers no long distance call to non-local numbers = long distance incoming calls = no long distance Travelling in Toronto Call to local Toronto number no long distance Call out to non local number (even back to Ottawa) = long distance incoming calls = long distance best is to get one of the canadawide plans. call and receive calls anywhere in canada without long distance charges..
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Sounds like you're on an older plan or you're calling outside of Canada. Let's say you live in Toronto and have a Toronto phone #. If you were to make an outgoing phone call -from- Toronto to anywhere outside of the calling zone, then it's considered a LD call. You'll be asked to put a 1 in front of the phone # if this is the case. If you were to leave Toronto and go to Montreal, for example, then (usually) calling a Montreal # is considered local but anywhere else is considered LD and depending on your plan, you'll be charged roaming too (I don't know if Koodo ever did this so someone correct me if I'm wrong). Receiving a call in your zone, no matter where it's from, will always be considered local, but receiving a call outside of your zone will be considered "roaming"... again, I'm not sure if Koodo did this at one point or another. What Koodo launched first in Canada is Canada-wide calling. That means no matter where you are in Canada, you can make/receive calls from anywhere to anywhere without paying any LD/roaming fees. It's a great feature and the other carriers have followed suit or offered some type of add-on for it if it's not included.