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Long distance call?

I have a Blackberry Curve 8530 and when I try to make a local call, it tells me that I am trying to make a long distance call. What's wrong?

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Have you called that same number before and it was local? Maybe the "local exchanges" have changed where you live slightly. Do you have a Canada wide plan with Koodo? If yes, than long distance doesnt matter anyways. All calls those plans are local. You may still hear the announcement/notification that it's along distance call bu there is no extra charge for it.
Well the problem is, sometimes it tells me it is a long distance call, sometimes it doesn't and works perfectly fine without the automated message. I really don't understand what's happening. Thank you for your reply.
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The automated message is in your phone system. So your phone gives you a warning when it recognizes your call as long distance. (because your phone doesn't know what plan you have - like Canada-wide) Maybe you receive this message because you made a call from different area...?
The thing is for the 3 past years, I called my mom and it never told me that message. Since last week, it tells me that message now and then and I am calling from the exact same location as last year for example. I called technical support but they don't know what's wrong and I hope it's not someone who ''stole'' some ID I have and use my number from somewhere else. I don't want to pay for usage I have nothing to do with.
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nope that can't happen. Your sim card is locked to your account and to your phone. If someone were to steal your account/ID/sim card.. your phone would not work anymore. The question was asked before, do you have a canada-wide plan?
Yes I do have a Canada-wide plan and I know I would not get additional fees for dialing 1 before. However, I'm curious and I would like to know why I suddenly need to dial 1 before a local call. It is weird and I don't get what's happening.