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Locate your phone even when it's dead

Cell phones should have an emergency power supply, so when someone loses or misplaces a phone and it goes dead there's an emergency power supply left for an app similar to Blackberry protect (which would come with the phone) to turn it on and locate it through gps, make it ring, or even erase everything on the phone remotely through a computer or another smart phone. This power supply would only be used to wipe and/or locate your phone and cannot be used to make phone calls, text, check e-mails etc. so that it's always there.

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Interesting idea, though not something in Koodo's control - it's up to the manufacturers & I don't think any have announced anything like this being worked on. Not sure if it would be able to restrict it from being used to call / TXT, though for Android devices it's something that might be doable. On Nexus devices you have the option to "Reboot" the phone into "Safe" mode which disables all downloaded Apps, so I suppose it's conceivable.
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To John's point an idea like this is in the hands of the manufacturer, though I personally think it would be very cool if this was possible. Thanks for sharing Andrew!