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Loan a phone

My idea that I would like to present is, Loan a Phone. The idea behind this is that Koodo can loan a phone for a determined amount based of quality of phone for a small duration of time, without being in a contract with koodo, it can get the business of travelers who just need a phone for a quick business trip, or it can get people who are considering buying a new phone a chance to try koodo with little to no risk. Koodo also would be able to offer this loan a phone to a current koodo member who may have broken or lost their phone and is need of a short term solution until the phone is repaired, replaced or repurchased. And as an added bonus for potential consumers, it can give them a chance to try a new phone that they were considering on buying but aren't able to try it. 

I would like to apply this to all current phones and new phones coming available. This is to give customers variety of phones to try and with new phones always becoming available, trade ins will make it easier to obtain these "Loan a Phone" phones and refurbished phones are always available too. And with most phones (if not all) having the option of factory resets, anything that a loan phone endures while in the possession of the customer can be easily undone. The transferring of sim cards or information will allow customers to keep their current number and be able to transfer contact information for a relatively seamless transition.

Unfortunately, customers aren't always the most thoughtful and considerate of other peoples property or heck, even their own sometimes, and damages will/may incur. To combat this, Koodo can offer a rental insurance rate that will be rated on a length of rental term, and covers the individual against what koodo deems as coverable. If a customer decides not to take the insurance, then they can sign a rental agreement that will deem them responsible for any damages that happen to the phone while in their possession. To help prevent customers from being charged in such cases for damages they have not inflicted, a pre rental inspection and a photo can be taken to document current damages and potential issues of the phone being loaned out.

To coincide with the current members that are using the loan a phone program that are also contracted, if they opt for the damage insurance coverage but do not incur any damage during their loan term, they can have that portion credited to their account (as its Koodo's way of saying, we appreciate you being careful with out product and we would like to thank you). 

I think this is a great market for Koodo to venture towards as it will give re-purpose to recycled or trade in phones. It will give Koodo a new market for a new revenue stream but it will also give consumers an option for when the event happens their phone is somehow not usable, they can turn to the loan a phone program that koodo offers. Finally a company that will be able to support their customer when they are in a "vulnerable " position. 

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