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Land line reception quality same as mobile?

Will the reception quality of the landline with Koodo be the same as the same quality as we get with our mobile phones? We live in the "boonies" and sometimes we have difficulties with clear reception.  This is really important as a business is involved.

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Yes, it uses the exact same network. The only advantage of the wireless home phone is that you can play around with the location of the wireless unit. For example when we moved it about 6 inches closer to the window, we went from 4 bars to the full 5.
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Yes it's essentially a cellphone that your home phone connects to so if you get bad reception with your smartphone then chances are your not going to have luck with the wireless home phone unit.
That said if you do have good reception I and others have found the call clarity with the unit over the wired home phone to be impressively better. It's so cheap compared to what most pay for wired home phone that it may be worth experimenting though because if there's one spot you do get reception in your house the unit just has to sit there and not move so you'd be good there