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Integrated data plan manager. Many times, after upgrading my cell phone through Koodo, I would find out that a new plan, which is both cheaper and better, had come out! After upgrading to a new phone at a Koodo store, I would only then be informed. These days, and I know from personal experience, consumers want the best technology out there. In trying to attain the best technology, a new phone is needed every 1-2 years. Koodo is always changing and expanding their ideas to fit the customer, and 1-2 years can be a long time to miss out on a great new plan! As we all know, the Koodo self serve app is great for bill payments and even tracking data usage. My idea, is Kudos. Kudos is an addition to the already great self serve app. The reasoning for the name is to encourage and promote usage towards users as indivuals, giving a rewarding feeling. Through a small questionnaire, including how important texting is to you, or long distance which can be updated for life changes (moving to a new city, which would facilitate the importance of a long distance plan) , the Kudos section on the app would offer you a monthly plan that is right for your needs, and most importantly update you on new or changing plans that fit your needs. Thanks for reading my proposal, And kudos for your great service!!

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