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Kpoints will be different then the tab! Keep the tab because it serves another side of the business then kpoints does. .Kpoints can be accumulated monthly and the amount banked can change based on how much buisness you recieve from the customer...Not only can Kpoints be redeemed in a monetary form to be used off your next bill it can also be used to buy koodo merchandise and cell phone accessories! If the customer saves there Kpoints until there contract is up (tab paid off) they can choose to have them doubled if they use them on a new device and plan and stay with the koodo family for another term. also,Kpoints can doubled one other way! They can be doubled before the tab is paid off ,only if they.gift them to a family member or loved one who would become a new koodo customer or leave a competitor to join the koodo family!....I believe this rewards program not only will keep existing customers from ever leaving koodo but will also encourage that customer to bring there kids and loved ones to koodo by enabling them to get a great device for a much lower price... The possibility exists to also partner with other companies and have there customers gain Kpoints when they purchase products in there stores! This is a win for them as well and an easy sell because if the reward is big enough all of koodos customers will choose there company to spend at and will receive the extra benefit of having even more kpoints to spend or share!!!! possibly you would be interested in letting kpoints be spent in there location as well! you could expand your product base in a Kstore where you can sell things like portable usb chargers and t shirts and.gift cards for Google play store and iTunes cards and phone cases branded tastefully with your popular koodo character!

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