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Well well welll, I have a big idea I think we should have a kodoo app that only people will kodoo can talk an app u can send like pictures videos and chat on it it should be call like Koomessenger it be cool. Not only were loyal to this company and we love it cause you guys are AWESOME but will have an awesome app for our company so if someone who has an iPhone and someone who has an android can only text well it gets boring but if u have koomessenger you can read messages see when he or her send it and also see if that person is typing but now what a gonna be different from the others social messenger is that you could share the screen and video chat at the same time that way you can watch videos from YouTube and laugh and have a good time trust me on that one we just need a company that will give us the change to be closer with our love ones and friends 🙂 I LOVE KOODO AND hopefully my ideas the best.

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