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koodo unlimiteded 60

have all phones available with the options of going pay as you go or monthly plan with all phones and now also with a contract of 3 years available at a lesser price then the pay as you go and monthly plans. The contract would be everything unlimided with a 10 gigs a month at the price of 60 dollars per month with a 10% down for the new phone with insurance that free replacement at no extra on your plan. Also could arrange a special Koodo phone with a motion detector.
 Accessories thinking maybe have a special cover phone that has arms with hands and legs with feet that can grip and hold like a metal wire that bends  inside that also resembles your wrestler for your arms n legs. With that said the hands and feet have special suction cups to be able to put on any flat surface. Like a car or on a fridge or a wall or a window of your house or car or able to be hanging on to your shirt or ring the arms to hook on your pants loop where sum use to put their belt through.

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How can I get this plan ,?
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At least one of the thing actually happened, the $60 for 10 gig
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This was never a thing then and only as a short deal for 10gb for 60. This ithread is ong since dead