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I think that you should be able to set whatever amount you wish to pay towards your Koodo tab each month. For example, instead of the $5 +10% of your bill that goes towards paying down your tab, each customer should be able to choose the amount that they pay towards their tab. So, instead of only paying the $5 per month, they should be able to pay as much as they want (ie. $5, $10, $15, $20 depending on how quickly they are looking to pay off their tab)

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Technically you can already choose how much you want to have being paid towards your tab balance. Koodo takes 15% of your monthly bill (plan, overages etc) and if you have a Tab medium or tab large they add a $5-$10 tab charge (depending on which one you have). My point is that if you choose to pay more on your bill it automatically takes the extra amount that is built up and throws 15% of it at your tab. Example: $50 plan, overage rate for data is $5/100 MB. Say you use more than your data allotment they tack on another $5 for each 100MB extra, so Koodo takes 15% of it which it would go from being $7.50/month thrown at your tab to $8.25/month. And if you have a tab charge for a tab medium it would be going from $12.50 to $13.25. It may not be what most people want to have to do in order to pay it off faster but that is the main way of doing it right now. The other option is if you have the money available just pay off your tab so you don't have a balance remaining. Just my two cents 🙂