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Koodo Self Serve for Windows Phone 7.8/8, Blackberry 10

  • 20 January 2014
  • 2 replies

I bought a Nokia Lumia 520 prepaid to use with my regular Koodo SIM and was dissapointed to see it had no Self Serve app. Blackberry 10 also having to use the Android one (Android apps work on BB10, only ones from Android 2.3 and below..), which isn't the best on BB10. It would be really nice to have the Self Serve app for these OS. (I put WP7.8 because of the WP7 device that Koodo carried in 2012, it was upgradeable to WP7.8 AFAIK)

2 replies

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Koodo had mentioned there is no plans for a windows app due to the small amount of users not justifying the creation of the app. I assume bb10 having the android app is due to the same reason.
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I don't mind the Bb10 app. It works, other than the annoying wait for the minutes and data to count up, but Android has the same 'feature'. The Android Runtime is 4.1 on 10.2.0 and will be 4.2.2 once 10.2.1 is released.