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Koodo Makes it Easier to Stay in Touch When in the US While Avoiding Unwanted Charges

Figuring out how to use your phone to stay in touch while in the US can be tricky. It can be hard to know which things to shut off correctly to avoid extra & unnecessary charges. Even buying a Koodo plan doesn't always work -perhaps it is because of the lack of users knowledge and [b]perhaps Koodo could help make this easier).

Suggestions/Ideas (both connected to US travel from Canada)
1. Help the Canadian users traveling to the US avoid unwanted roaming & other charges by[b] providing[b] Very Clear Instructions and Simple Steps on what to do with their phone and letting them know what that means (do they have texting, calling or nothing once these steps are followed). What do they need to do to stay in touch? What plans do they need to buy?
The colored cards that come with your initial plan are helpful but times change and long term customers do not always have these handy or have them at all. Sending new & improved info via email and text would be helpful & appreciated.
There are presently suggestions on plans to buy now for US travel but they are not always clear and a customer can select the wrong one and inadvertently still get hit with a big bill.
[b]Helping with this situation will make this group of Koodo customers even happier.

2a. Koodo sends out lots of text alerts re US travel (which is good). I think they could make this better if they could notify you in a clear, simple and concise manner via text that you are in need of adding onto the plan you purchased or buying another plan to prevent charges AND
2b.It would be even better for those who didn't know about buying a package if they could receive a text alert after their phone crosses into the US reminding the traveler that additional charges will apply while in the US unless they turn off a,b, c or if they wish to stay in touch they should buy 1 of 3 (example) plans to avoid hefty roaming charges.

3. Another text idea for Canada to US traveling customers would be to [b]clearly alert you to your usage for texting, calls etc AND what is left on your purchased plan. Notifying you in a clear & easily understood manner[b] like a test score - texts are at 12/15 in your present plan or in a statement. [b]You have used 12/15 and only have 3 texts left before extra charges will apply. This could apply to all scenarios. [b]Perhaps the customer could chose which type of alert they would like to receive

These ideas for staying in touch while in the US would be helpful tips sent from Koodo that would remove confusion, inform the customer, be cost saving for the customer which leads to an even happier Koodo customer!

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