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Having only recently discovered these online Koodo forums, I am thrilled with how useful and interesting they have been to me, but disappointed I did not discover them earlier. In order for participants – clients and employees alike - to get the most from this useful service, Koodo should make these forums a more front-and-centre staple of their services.

An effective way of making this a reality would be to make the forums more accessible to Koodo users by being able to access them directly from their phone’s primary interface. An app tailored for mobile use would be a fantastic way to boost participation. This app could be promoted to new users as the current Koodo Self Serve app is – new clients encouraged to downloaded it immediately to their phone to boost their interactions with their service provider.
In addition to being a great way for users to better access the forums, the more frequent and regular involvement with Koodo would foster brand loyalty. Adding an emotional tie, however slight, to Koodo would push on-the-fence clients to remain with Koodo when it came time for a new contract.
Koodo is already well-priced with respected service, the addition of a forum app is a natural next step. The app would bolster traffic on the forums, ensuring users are getting the best out of this already good service, keeping Koodo employees connected to their clients, and making the Koodo contract much more personable.

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