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  • 26 October 2014
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Koodo Feedback Engine
Corporations are always looking for user feedback in order to improve their product lines to match market needs. However, it is often difficult for companies to receive large amounts of constructive and honest feedback to generate useful user data. Conventional surveys are the most common form of feedback generation. The problem with surveys though is that they fall short in generating meaningful feedback. They are often too boring, vague and long for most customers to actually take the time to fill them out properly.

Koodo like any other company could always use more constructive user feedback in order to stay at the top of its market and deliver product lines that customers truly desire. Therefore, I suggest the Koodo Feedback Engine (or KFE). KFE is an app that is automatically installed when a Koodo SIM is inserted into a valid smartphone. Users will be able to opt-in or out of KFE at any time. KFE will prompt users for constructive feedback in exchange for Koodo Perks. The more feedback that customers provide, the more perks that they will receive. KFE feedback prompts will be very short and concise. For instance, October 2018 is rolling in and two new flagship android devices are being released side by side: the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the Google Nexus 20. For whatever reason, Koodo can only carry one of these devices. In such a situation, a custom KFE prompt in the form of a SMS/email/push notification can be generated and instantly pushed to all Koodo users opted-in to KFE. Users will be incentivized to participate in KFE as they will receive perks such as: 5 extra day-time minutes for the month, a free weekend of caller ID, a 1 dollar voucher for Koodo accessories and so on. Additionally, these perks will also help upsell Koodo products. For instance, a weekend of free caller ID may cause many users to realize that it is a feature that they can longer miss out on, causing them to add the feature permanently to their plans. KFE perks and rewards will be easily tracked through the app and an online portal so that users can stay on top of their perks.

The premise is very straightforward, KFE is simple, quick, easy-to-use, and very rewarding. It has the potential to generate tons of constructive feedback, upsell Koodo products and build customer rapport and retention.

3 replies

I have a question.
I purchased a Nexus 5 phone at Koodo.
How long should it take for my phone to fully charge. 
When I plug it in to recharge it tells me it requires 23 hours to fully recharge - Ridiculous!
Neil Walker
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I have a question.
I purchased a Nexus 5 phone at Koodo.
How long should it take for my phone to ...
Hey Neil,

I suggest visiting this link: http://koo.do/1T7VX2d for information on how to optimize battery usage on your Nexus. Did you recently purchase your phone?

Keep us posted!
I have a question.
I purchased a Nexus 5 phone at Koodo.
How long should it take for my phone to ...
Thanks for this link.  
I tried to find "Battery Opimization" on my phone but it doesn't seem to be where the instructions say to find it.

I purchased the Nexus 5 18 months ago.
Last week it went dead and would not turn back on.
I had the battery replaced, but now won't charge up even when left charging for days.