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"Koodo Cares": use your phone to make a difference

I think that Koodo could reach a new target market by offering a feature for their customers to allot 3 to 5% of their monthly bill to an approved charity or organization, in Canada or in affiliation with Canada abroad.

There are many cell phone companies out there. People are bombarded with phone and plan options from every major cell phone service provider in the country, and many of those plans look alike.

Imagine a cell phone company that would put up to 5% of its profits on the line to help community groups providing transitional housing for homeless youth, or organizations seeking to provide clean water for northern Aboriginal communities, or initiatives for connecting youth entrepreneurs with new technologies.

The possibilities are truly endless with this idea, and the dividends could be large from a PR campaign that would put Koodo at the forefront of the cellular provider market by demonstrating strong corporate and community citizenship.

People want to make a difference. They often don't know how to go about that. Give them the chance to feel good about themselves, to feel good about Koodo, and to make a difference in what is usually a mundane part of life — paying their cell phone bill each month.

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