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keep original plan but switch phones - blackberry curve9300 to - windows phone8 - nokia 830

my dad, the lucky bugger just got an iphone 6 for christmas from his gf. which means, his other new phone, that he hates, nokia 830, has become available for me to buy(hopefully free). my questions are, can I keep the same monthly bill plan, and add data of such as an addon/extra? am I even able to switch to a nokia 830? I can unlock it, that's no problem-o. cmon koodo I love you 🙂

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Yup you're good as long as this is the Lumia 830

If the phone you use now uses a micro SIM all you have to do (after unlocking) is put your SIM into it and follow the instructions found here:

holy fast reply. you guys have ninja training somehow? can you teach me the force? it is strong within you koodo.
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Most of us here are customers and some of us are night owls and/or online at weird times of the day/night due to work (Chad and rikkster are truckers). There are a handful of employees as well. Now as for your other question, which is "adding" data to your plan, that is not possible. Either you start using data and get charged the pay-per-use rate your plan has, or you pick a new plan entirely. They can be viewed on the website.
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I am personally using a Nokia Lumia 830 (originally from Rogers), and everything works just fine.