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Why do you not have BlackBerry phones any more ???? Why can't all phones be used with big tab to make them affordable and free at time of purchase ?

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Simple answer: 1. Blackberry hasn't had the greatest of sales on Koodo and when companies are not selling enough of their stock they tend to drop them. If you want a Blackberry you can always buy one from Telus and pop a Koodo sim card in it and it should work without being unlocked. There are plenty of people who have tested different phones between both Telus and Koodo and they work with each other. 2. There are 3 different tab sizes available, tab small, tab medium and tab large. Tab small - $150 off retail price of a phone and any plan can be used on it (old or new); Tab medium - $300 off retail price of a phone, plan requirement $30/month or more plus a $5 tab charge to help pay off your tab faster; and Tab large - $500 off retail price of a phone, requires a tab large plan plus a $10 tab charge. Certain phones on Koodo don't require a larger tab to be $0 with a tab. The reason they can't be combined is because the tab is required to be cleared in 24 months or less, if you had a $700-$800 tab it would fall out of Koodos ability to have it cleared within that time.
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phone prices comes from retail market value of a device and current market value offered by other service provider ..if no one is selling 1000$ phone for less then 275 on a 2 year tab large why would koodo do it ? competitive market price keeps serviceprovider up on their toes . so if no one buy those phones value will go down .. and initial upfront is for service provider to make sure that they are covered with their internal insurance process ...lets say i am an international student and have two valid id but after couple month my courses are done and i am going back to my home country ..clearly i am not worried about my temp address and or bills they may come after i leave country and i am not interested in coming back to canada may be i got a job in usa or uk ..this upfront will cover their insurances for devices that they loose before contract was completed ..seen people getting HUP and selling devices to some one or somewhere else or claim insurances on it ..where would service provider recover al that money from ? hope this makes sense ..cheers
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You can get this blackberry from Koodo https://shop.koodomobile.com/certifiedpreowned/c99999905-p0.html
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Also! If you're looking for a blackberry for a cheap price, check out the Blackberry online store on their website! They're having a huge inventory blow out. The Blackberry Q5 is selling for $159.99 unlocked! A great deal!