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Just got a BB Z10 and...

Just got a BB Z10 and I love it. I've always been an android user and I must say that BB10 is a refreshing experience. The Z10 is very fast and the operating system is fluid. I LOVE the BB hub and the browser is faster than my laptop (while on LTE)! So far I am extremely happy with the Z10. The app selection is poor, though improving, but I'm not a heavy user of apps...really just a game here and there. If you were thinking about getting a Z10, I recommend it.

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I do agree that multitasking and the Hub are something Android's lacking... if you have a fast, high-end device then it doesn't matter a heck of a lot but I hope they can implement something similar into the OS (unless there's some mod I'm unware of).
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Thanks for the feedback, Derek! Enjoy your phone 🙂 ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.