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Just a "Normal Student Plan"

Okay,  So there are already lots of phone plans out there as you know...  But to be honest, none of them are perfect for a high school student, or a College/University student.   I know because I am one.  

I understand businesses need to make money.  Obviously.
However students like myself, and pretty much every other student in Ontario need a cell phone plan that we can actually pay.  Realistically, we don't care too much about having voicemail. And minutes, being realistic, look at your charts.  My friends here did a survey at the college and we hardly ever use our cell phone for "minutes."  

[b]What [i][b] would advise, [b]is a plan that is roughly $21.00+taxes (Call it $23.73 TOTAL) that includes the following:roughly $21.00+taxes (Call it $23.73 TOTAL) that includes the following:
  1. Data, enough that we can check our facebook, and emails whenever we want. 
  2. Picture texts,  If you don't include these free, we'll download an app and won't have to pay.
  3. Minutes, 60 minutes is good but make it 80, plus unlimited afternoons and weekends.
  4. Unlimited texting.  Duh.
  5. Anywhere in Canada calling and texting. We wouldn't bother going Koodo if it wasn't.
  6. ***AN OPTION of paying an extra $2 to $6 dollars per bill, to pay off the phone.  Make it an OPTION how much extra to pay.  
  7. Advertise it as follows: "A Normal Student Plan"
That is all.  I hope this is helpful.

Alex Robertson

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