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is koodo releasing a new blackberry with a keyboard soon..

I was told they would offer a new Blackberry with a key board under $200.00 by late April early May 2014 but I only see the Q5. Is there a new blackberry coming?

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You were told by who, Rick? Usually nobody knows what Koodo is going to carry and when, until they announce it here or on their Facebook page. Keep looking, hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised 🙂
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BlackBerry is releasing a new keyboard smartphone but it hasn't even been seen yet and no release date has been issued. Btw the Q5 is a great smartphone.
Thanks Sophia I won't see it on facebook as I'm old and can't see the point in it and thanks Chad I was told about the new one at a koodo kiosk but may look at ythe Q5 as I cant controll a touch sceen and only get agrivated trying
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Unfortunately if you get a BlackBerry 10 device, even with a keyboard, the interface is heavily gesture based. Lots of swiping and tapping. The keyboard has shortcuts once your in an application but you'd still need to use touch to get to the apps and settings. Sometimes if you can remember the name of the app you want you can type it's name and then press enter to open it. If you can wait, the Q20 will have a tackpad similar to the legacy BlackBerry devices like the bold or curve however this is the device I was talking about that has no release date as of yet and even if it is released, there's no guarantee koodo will carry it.