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Is BB worth the switch?

I have a HTC One V, I want rid of this thing and Android. Is switching to BB an improvement? Would it be better to buy an unlocked one out right from BB or order the one Koodo offers?

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Android isn't your problem; it's that specific phone. Your experience would have been much better with a more capable device. Either way, BlackBerry 10 OS specifically is very different from earlier versions. The Hub is fantastic for communication of all kinds, it runs better than Android with the same specs, and has great email support. The Q5 is a very good budget phone for Koodo and runs well for the price but there are some limitations, like low storage and a weak camera. It also won't have the same app support or advancement that Android has. You can sideload .apk files to install some Android apps but they might not run perfectly and anything requiring Google services won't work at all. It's a toss up as to what's important to you. If you're looking for an all touch version, the Z10 is a great one to pickup considering it's pretty cheap secondhand nowadays but the battery life is questionable. The Q10 is an awesome phone and has similar market value to the Z10 but has better battery. You just lose some screen real estate for the keyboard.
Thanks. What about reception. I live in house with a metal roof in a fringe area, some time I have to go outside to get a signal. The signal strength varies from -100dBm to -111 dBm. We had a guest the other day with a Nexus 5 making calls from our basement. This is a dead zone for the HTC and even an iPhone.
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I think you'll find the reception in a Blackberry to be better than both of those.
My BB Q5 arrived yesterday. It will take some time to explore all it's quirks. Not to bad for 150$ tab. The reception in the basement is about a good as the HTC was upstairs at 1 -2 bars, some spots in the basement are even 5 bars !! There are a few apps I can not find for it, like the CAA (auto Club) and a free GoPro app. So far it was worth the switch.
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To be honest most things are worth the switch from the One V lol but glad you're liking it. I must say, budget phones are becoming a lot more capable than they used to be and Koodo's got a killer budget/mid range lineup in every OS - Moto G/Pop Idol, Q5, and Lumia 635 for cheap with the Nexus 5, iPhone 4S, and Idol X+ on mid.
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I've used a Blackberry Q10 since it's release in Canada and I would reccomend it for so many reasons that the list would go on forever... Some highlights: Extended battery life Better across the board security Lower data usage per web page viewing The Hub for seeing everything in one spot is excellent BBM now available to iOS and Android users - except many won't install a BB app on their precious 'superior' devices. So many other functions I use on a regular basis, I wouldn't be without it. That reception question - never had an issue, even working indoors, underground with steel infrastructure. I use both BBVoice and BBVideochat to talk for free with friends overseas I cannot quantify this - not being techy minded but the phone just seems to work better, smoother, faster since switiching to Koodo (from Bell) about 3 months ago. Some Cons (being objective!) Smaller screen not the best for gaming - which I don't so it doesn't matter for me. You won't find as many apps - but I've found there isn't anything I miss. One responder said the Q10 was an expensive option... not any more, the white model is/was recently available for free at the Koodo store near here, the black model - I think costs $50. If you get an unlocked one from BB you will save 10% on your monthly Koodo bill.