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How can Koodo customers sign up for Telus' IP Relay service?

Or does Koodo offer their own version of IP Relay?

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http://www.telus.com/en/on/get-help/accessibility/services/telus-ip-relay/support.do It doesn't mention being a Telus customer is a requirement but if it's on their support page I would imagine it is. I can't recall if Koodo offers this but it's worth a try signing up for it.
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The Terms & Conditions are quite clear: "You are required to be properly registered via the Service Web Site and either have a TELUS billing account, or be listed as an authorized account user on a TELUS billing account, in order to use the Service."
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Well then I don't think Koodo offers this kind of service. Unless they count Koodo as a Telus billing account, (their backend is the same, even reps are usually duo trained on Telus and Koodo) this may be a no go. I searched up an IP relay system and I found only Rogers/Bell/Telus, Cogeco, Primus, and Wind offer this service. I don't think Koodo/Fido/Virgin have it unless I dig around their websites.
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Jonathan i have some issue can't text to land line Not going through. tellus sed they are not offering may more now ask koodo Comster care they sed we are dffont if so wen i tray nothing happend text to lend nine were you sed text to your house phone Saves pepole losts of money plsese help
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Yeah, Koodo stopped that service. Not enough people were using it to justify whatever it costed.
So, currently, you have to be a Telus customer in order to have IP - relay service for my iphone
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Yes, and that is really not good.
How much trouble to have my Koodo account (prepaid) to Telus in order to access to IP Relay and testing to landline (if available) with Telus.....
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If you are just testing, simply get a Telus prepaid account and SIM and test it out. If it works to your satisfaction, port your number if you wish. However, if you need to have a Telus Billing account, as noted above, prepaid won't meet that requirement.