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International Plans ( Europe)

International Plans what are the rates for going to Europe? Can I get a plan that will cover me rather than being burned on each text and call? Also what is the Data rate for Europe. I will be in Hungary for my trip.

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Alas, bad news all around, Amanda... Hungary is in zone 1, meaning you'd pay $1.50 per minute for calls, $5 per MB for data and $0.60 per text (received and sent). How long are you going to stay? It may be worth your while to have your phone unlocked for $35 and buy a local prepaid SIM while you're there!
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Unfortunately there are no roaming international plans for Europe. However you can activate roaming on your phone and have these pay per use roaming rates http://help.koodomobile.com/coverage-long-distance-and-travelling/Travelling Your cheapest option will be to unlock your phone and get a local prepaid sim
We will be there for 2 weeks. And will have limited to no internet where we are staying. Oh well. I will just turn it off and once I hit a wifi hotspot I will use that. I shall survive.
I know this is an old topic, but also one that comes up often. Currently when our family goes to the UK (which is "home" for more than half of my family) we get zero coverage and don't even have the option to use roaming. I find this unacceptable, being that Canada is a commonwealth country which is inhabited by many upon many British expatriates. Can anyone answer why this is an issue? We don't mind the roaming prices - it's pretty much standard and something we are accustomed to when we visit the states - but we literally have zero coverage other than wifi, making our phones useless for the 7 days we are there. Why should we have to buy a prepaid sim, (which is used for only a week, meaning the usage doesn't justify the cost) then have to pay to unlock the phones, and on top of that still pay for our monthly plan because you can't suspend the account for only 7 days. There are many great things about Koodo, but by global standards this issue is a big one because we can go to another carrier and not have problems roaming with them. An acquaintance of mine has Rogers and experiences no break in coverage while in the UK, so why is it our Koodo phones can't pick up a signal? What's stopping us and others from moving to Rogers?